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Indexing Biblical and Ancient Sources programmatically

What is Reference Indexer v0.4?

Developed over the past three years, Reference Indexer provides a power and effective method for programmatically determining the Biblical and Ancient sources in the text.

Discounts available for high-volume work.

Want To Get Started?

    If you would like us to create a reference index for your book, all you need to do is upload your PDF file.
    You can save money by using our online editor to index your own work, you will need a google account and you will need to contact about getting editor access.

How Does This Work?

The text is extracted from your PDF file and processed through our reference indexing engine. Typically, 80% of the references are found in the process. Then the editor is used to manually page through the work to verify the references and edit the flagged references that were not correctly identified. Look below for the types of references the indexing engine can decipher.


Imagine providing your web site users the ability to enter a reference and you provide the book and page number of all the books that reverence that source. You provide Reference Indexer your electronic texts (PDFs) and our team will create an online searchable reference catalog. Our search engine will even find implicit references:

If an author references Deut 6:1-6 in his work, a search for Deut 6:4-5 will still create a hit. This is because our engine unpacks the implicit references and knows that all six verses of Deutoronomy are being referenced in the abbreviation Deut 6:1-6.

If the reference is Avot 2:1,4-6,3:6, this is unpacked into 5 verses and yes, a search for Avot 2:5 locates this reference.

What About The Index of Subjects?

At this time, our software does not aid in the process of creating the Index of Subjects.

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How Diverse Is The Engine?

First of all, the indexing engine can differentiate between more than 1,500 books/volumes of Biblical and Ancient Sources with more than 15,000 abbreviations and the list of books is continually growing. Here is a sampling of the types of abbreviations and references that are decipherable by the indexing engine: